Department of Theoretical Physics
Laboratory of
Quantum Optics and
Quantum Information

Victoria M. Porozova (Ezhova)

Professional preparation

Peter the Great St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), Master of Physics, 2013 - 2015, Thesis: On a theory of light scattering from a Bose-Einstein condensate

SPbPU, Ph.D. student, Theoretical Physics, 2015 - present


Atomic physics, quantum gases, quantum optics

Since the 2013 under the supervision of Prof. D.V. Kupriyanov I have been involved in collaboration and research programs with our group on Theoretical Physics Department of SPbPU

Teaching activity: teaching seminars in theoretical physics disciplines (classical mechanics, electrodynamics) for 2 year students since 2015 - present


Phone: E-mail: revelation1929@gmail.com