Department of Theoretical Physics
Laboratory of
Quantum Optics and
Quantum Information

Dmitriy V. Kupriyanov

Professional preparation:
Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, Ph.D./D.S., Theoretical Physics, 1984/2001

Theoretical atomic physics, quantum optics, quantum information

Department of Theoretical Physics @ SPbSPU, External fellowship program of Russian Quantum Center

E-mail: kupr@dk11578.spb.edu

The research objectives of our group focuses on understanding and control of quantum light matter interface in view of the demonstration of new physical phenomena and of the development of advanced quantum information technologies, such as quantum networks and quantum repeaters, which represent a major and timely challenge for the transmission and processing of quantum data. Quantum interface between light and matter is a fundamental element of any quantum information network aiming at long distance quantum communication, cryptography protocols or quantum computing. Light is generally perceived as a natural carrier of quantum information, while a macroscopic or mesoscopic atomic system can be efficiently used for its storage. Coherent phenomena manifested in light scattering on optically dense atomic systems give us a feasible tool for providing the basic logic elements of the interface protocol such as quantum memories and entanglement. This is justified by the theoretical modeling and simulations of the main physics and then elaborated through the atomic physics based processes which have been explored experimentally. These include the systems of ordered and disordered cold and ultracold atomic ensembles and clusters transformed at extremely low temperature to the quantum condensate phase.

Our research team performs well-established enterprise, consisted of professional scholars with many years experienced in study atomic processes, quantum optics phenomena and quantum information science. The research accomplishments are reflected in many publications contributed to the world leading scientific journals such as Physical Review series, JOSA and others. Our research activity has been supported and awarded by RFBR, INTAS, RQC-"Skolkovo", charitable fund "Dynasty" and by other foundations and sources. We regularly participate in the international conferences on Laser Physics, Quantum Optics and Quantum Information such as ICONO/LAT, CLEO/EQEC, DAMOP, PQE and LPHYS series, organized in Russia, Europe and US. Our graduates are working as postdocs in the leading European universities. We have ongoing collaborative research programs with Laboratory Kastler-Brossel (UPMC, Paris), Laboratory of Atomic Physics (ODU, Norfolk), Laboratory of Quantum Information (MSU, Moscow), and Department of Theoretical Physics (Universitaet des Saarlandes, Saarbrucken).